Ryan Emanuel teaches the following courses at NC State. See the official course catalog for scheduling information.

ES 100: Introduction to Environmental Sciences

This course surveys interrelationships between humans and the natural environment. It includes discussions of earth systems, human population trends, agriculture, air and water pollution, biological diversity, global change, energy and mineral resources, and toxic substances. Students will learn about related economic factors, laws, public affairs, political behavior, and ethics.

FOR 420/520: Watershed Hydrology

This course introduces the fundamental principles necessary to understand the occurrence and movement of surface, soil and ground water.  Hydrological measurements and analyses are emphasized.  Both qualitative and quantitative descriptions of natural phenomena will be used to develop a deeper understanding of processes that include water balances, surface water flow and subsurface flow in watersheds.  The laboratory provides hands-on experiences with classical and state-of-the-art methods to illustrate and enhance principles introduced in lecture.

NR 595: Indigenous Peoples and the 21st Century Environment

Indigenous peoples worldwide have deep cultural connections to specific places. Why are these connections important? What do they look like today? Thiscourse examines the history, public policy, and environmental science behind present-day examples of Native American tribes and other indigenous peoples grappling with issues of sustainability, cultural preservation, and more. This course counts toward the Native American Studies Minor.