Ecohydrology and Watershed Science

The Ecohydrology and Watershed Science Laboratory is located in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources at North Carolina State University.  Our group is located on main campus in the College of Natural Resources.  We pursue research, education, and outreach activities in North Carolina and elsewhere.


What We Do

Our research mission includes quantifying water, carbon, and energy exchange between landscapes and the atmosphere; exploring environmental processes at the interface of soils, vegetation and the atmosphere; and understanding ecohydrological processes in the face of global change.  We study implications of these processes for society, especially vulnerable communities struggling with legacies of environmental degradation and inequity.

We use various tools and methods that include remote sensing and geospatial analysis, environmental modeling, field monitoring, and water sampling.  Our field monitoring capabilities range from eddy covariance to stream gaging, and our lab facility specializes in laser spectroscopy to measure stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen in water.  Our numerical work (modeling and spatial analysis) takes place mostly in Matlab, R, and Python.



We value diversity, transparency, collegiality, and reciprocity.

Our group puts these values into practice in various ways, including service to local institutions, community groups and professional societies. We participate in efforts aimed at broadening participation of underrepresented groups in the environmental sciences.  We help translate research for decision makers.

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