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4/2020 – Congratulations to Justine Neville for passing PhD comprehensive exams!

4/2020 – Newly accepted articles by PhD students Arik Tashie (UNC) and Charles Scaife (UVA) explore streamflow-related processes using novel analyses.  See details on our publications page.

4/2020 – Ryan receives a 2020-2021 residential fellowship from the National Humanities Center.

3/2020 – Ryan is awarded an NC State Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professorship

11/2019 – We are recruiting a new PhD student for Fall 2020! Details here.

10/2019 – Ryan receives the Steve Wing International Environmental Justice Award from the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network.

9/2019 – Lab alumnus Josh Rice leads a new paper in Water Resources Research on interannual storage variability in watersheds across the United States.

8/2019 – Lab alumnus Abi Bhattachan leads a new paper in Natural Hazards on public perceptions of saltwater intrusion in freshwater-dependent coastal landscapes.

7/2019 – Ryan and NSF REU Lizzie Lightning visit Haliwa-Saponi Summer Legacy Camp in Hollister, NC.

5/2019 – Visiting Scientist Matthias Sprenger publishes a new paper in Reviews of Geophysics on water ages in the critical zone.

5/2019 – Ryan presents at the Vine Deloria, Jr. Indigenous Studies Symposium at Northwest Indian College.

5/2019 – NPR’s Science Friday features our Coastal SEES research in a documentary for its Degrees of Change series.

4/2019 – Former SALT graduate student Paul Taillie publishes new paper in Ecosystems on vegetation transitions and salt exposure in coastal North Carolina.

4/2019 – Sheila Saia publishes new paper on social vulnerability and flood risk in Ecosystems. The paper is free to read online without a journal subscription.

4/2019 – Environmental Scientist Theo Jass moves on after nearly four years of managing field and data operations for the lab.  Best wishes, Theo!

4/2019 – Ryan is keynote speaker at UNC Pembroke’s Undergraduate Research Symposium.

4/2019 – Ryan presents at “Beyond Despair,” an environmental humanities conference at the National Humanities Center in Research Triangle Park.

3/2019 – Andrea Medenblik successfully defends her Master’s thesis on isotope ecohydrology at Coweeta. Congratulations!

3/2019 – Justine NevilleJocelyn Painter, and Ryan join Diego Riveros-Iregui (UNC) at the Southeast Indian Studies Conference at UNC Pembroke to present on water quality in the Lumbee River Basin.

3/2019 – Jocelyn Painter and Ryan attend the American Indian Science and Engineering Society’s Leadership Summit in Cherokee, NC.

3/2019 – Ryan visits the Human Rights Center and Division of Earth and Ocean Sciences at Duke University.

2/2019 – Ryan visits School of Public and Environmental Affairs and Department of Geography at Indiana University.

2/2019 – Ryan and USGS scientist, Adam Terando are panelists for UNC Greensboro’s Harriett Elliot Lecture Series.

1/2019 – Ryan speaks on climate change at the Eastern NC Rural Health Symposium

1/2019 – Ryan publishes article in the latest issue of Environmental History.

1/2019 – Lab alumnus Nitin Singh publishes part of his dissertation research in Water Resources Research.

1/2019 – New Meeting Report in Eos: Water in the Native World Workshop, August 1-5, 2018.

12/2018 – Lab members travel to the AGU Fall Meeting in Washington, DC.

11/2018 – Native American Heritage Month activities across NC. Ryan speaks at Wake Forest University, NC Museum of History, Duke University & other locations.

10/2018 – Ryan joins Malinda Maynor Lowery (UNC) on Wisconsin public radio for Indigenous Peoples’ Day discussion.

10/2018 – Ryan serves on a discussion panel about federal pipeline policy at the Energy Bar Association’s mid-year forum in Washington, DC.

8/2018 – Matthias Sprenger joins the group as a visiting researcher. Dr. Sprenger received a postdoctoral fellowship from the German government to continue his research in isotope hydrology.

8/2018 – First Native Water Symposium held at Salish-Kootenai College in Montana. Organizing team was led by Dr. Karletta Chief (University of Arizona) and Ryan.

7/2018 – Ryan is a plenary speaker at the 6th Interagency Conference on Research in the Watersheds

5/2018 – Ryan presents at 13th Vine Deloria, Jr. Indigenous Studies Symposium at Northwest Indian College.

4/2018 – Ryan awarded the “Green Brick Award” – NCSU’s sustainability prize.

4/2018 – Ryan discusses environmental justice and indigenous rights at the UVA Indigenous Ecologies Symposium.

4/2018 – Ryan is the keynote speaker for the 2018 Southeast Indian Studies Conference at UNC Pembroke.

3/2018 – Justine Neville, Andrea Stewart, and Ryan present at the NC Water Resources Research Institute Conference.

1/2018 – New review paper from Coweeta LTER on unexpected advances in ecology made possible by long-term data.

12/2017 – Congratulations to Justine Neville for successfully defending her M.S. thesis!

12/2017 – Justine Neville, Andrea Stewart, and Ryan present at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in New Orleans.

7/2017 – New letter in Science magazine on Flawed Environmental Justice Analyses.

7/2017 – Justine Neville receives a graduate fellowship from NC Water Resources Research Institute & NC Sea Grant! 5/2017 – Congratulations to Spring 2017 graduates, Jocelyn Painter (B.S.Eng.) and Wilmer Reyes (Ph.D.)!

5/2017 – Josh Rice’s work on links between watershed characteristics and streamflow responses to El Niño-Southern Oscillation just accepted by Water Resources Research. (link forthcoming)

4/2017 – Video of Ryan’s speech at the Raleigh March for Science.

3/2017 – Congratulations to Wilmer Reyes for successfully defending his dissertation on landscape complexity and heterogeneity!

2/2017 – Andrea Stewart receives a scholarship from the NC Association of Environmental Professionals!

1/2017 – Read about Ryan’s public presentation on water for UNC-Pembroke’s Native American Speaker Series.

12/2016 – Abinash Bhattachan, Justine Neville, Jocelyn Painter, Josh Rice, and Ryan present at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

12/2016 – NCSU Center for Geospatial Analytics names Ryan a Faculty Fellow.

12/2016 – Listen to Ryan’s interview with American Indian Airwaves on KPFK in Los Angeles. Host Larry Smith and Ryan discuss Hurricane Matthew, industrial agriculture, and natural gas pipelines in eastern North Carolina.

11/2016 – NC State names Ryan one of 20 new University Faculty Scholars, a group of emerging academic leaders at North Carolina’s largest university.

11/2016 – Ryan participates in the 21st annual American Indian Heritage Celebration at the NC Museum of History, presenting on indigenous water issues.

11/2016 – Ryan presents at the Distinguished Speaker Series at CU-Boulder’s Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research.

11/2016 – Ryan presents on Lumbee water knowledge and environmental concerns at the American Society for Ethnohistory annual conference in Nashville, TN.

11/2016 – Video recording of UCAR congressional briefing posted to YouTube.  Watch it here.

9/2016 – Ryan discusses ecohydrology research and indigenous communities at a UCAR congressional briefing on Capitol Hill.

8/2016 – USDA Center for Integrated Forest Science highlights Lumbee River project on their website.

8/2016 – Nitin Singh heads to the University of Vermont for a postdoc in the Rubenstein School!

7/2016 – New paper by Josh Rice in Journal of Hydrology combines “big data” methods and wavelets to understand drivers of long-term trends in U.S. streamflow.

6/2016 – New paper on stream water isotopes by Nitin Singh published in Water Resources Research.

5/2016 – Congratulations to new NCSU graduates, Josh Rice (Ph.D.), Nitin Singh (Ph.D.), and Julie Sikes (B.S.)!

4/2016 – New papers on land application of wastewater by Andrew Birch (friend of the lab) and on long-term records of dissolved organic carbon by Nitin Singh, both in press in the Journal of Environmental Quality.

4/2016 – Ryan presented research this month at the Southeast Indian Studies Conference (UNC Pembroke), the USGS National Research Program (National Center, Reston), and the American Indian and Indigenous Studies Colloquium (UNC Chapel Hill).

3/2016 – Ryan traveled to Idaho State University for a seminar in the Department of Biology.

2/2016 – Congratulations to Josh Rice for successfully defending his doctoral dissertation focusing on long-term hydrologic changes and the role of watershed spatial characteristics!

12/2015 – Our open access paper on interbasin water transfers was just published in Environmental Research Letters. This work analyzes the only existing national inventory of interbasin water transfers and is based on the research of former student John Buckley with collaborators from the US Forest Service.

11/2015 – Congratulations to Nitin Singh for successfully defending his doctoral dissertation on hydrological and biogeochemical processes in Southern Appalachian headwater catchments.

11/2015 – Ryan received a Community Service Award from the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) at the 2015 National Conference in Phoenix.

11/2015 – Ryan coauthored the revised chapter on Hydrology in the second edition of Wetland Soils: Genesis, Hydrology, Landscapes, and Classification, eds. Vepraskas and Craft, forthcoming from CRC Press.

10/2015 – New article on soil microbial communities and their distribution at Tenderfoot Creek (Montana) published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

7/2015 – News article on Native high school campers canoeing the Lumber River with Ryan.

7/2015 – Josh Rice has a new paper on long-term streamflow trends in the US published in Water Resources Research.

6/2015 – Two new papers published in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology and Water Resources Research on ecohydrological processes in snowmelt-dominated watersheds.

5/2015 – Group members traveled to Catacamas, Honduras to help install streamflow and weather monitoring stations in the Patuca River headwaters.

4/2015 – Ryan received tenure and will be promoted to Associate Professor at NCSU.

3/2015 – A new series of articles in the Coastal Review Online discusses environmental issues on the Albemarle-Pamlico peninsula and features our Coastal SEES research.

2/2015 – Our STEM outreach work with Native high school students in eastern North Carolina is featured in a local newspaper article.

1/2015 – Ryan and other Coastal Salinization project leaders attend the Coastal Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability (Coastal SEES) investigator meeting at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA.

1/2015 – Alex Moody joins the team as a Ph.D. student to focus on coastal ecohydrology.

11/2014 – Check out the latest episode of Exploring North Carolina that features forested wetlands of the NC coastal plain and includes an interview with Ryan.

11/2014 – Congratulations to Fabian Nippgen for successfully defending his doctoral dissertation focusing on the effects of landscape structure and climate on watershed hydrological processes.  Fabian is co-advised by Brian McGlynn (Duke) and Ryan and is receiving his Ph.D. from Montana State University.

9/2014 – Ryan and a team of collaborators have been awarded a grant from the NSF Coastal SEES program to study salinization of land and water resources on the Albemarle-Pamlico Peninsula of North Carolina. Read the NSF Press Release here.  The NCSU College of Natural Resources has funded a complementary project that will recruit and train a cohort of 5 doctoral students focusing on salinization and related issues and solutions in the Albemarle-Pamlico region.  Read the recruiting announcement below.

7/2014 – Congratulations to Wilmer Reyes for receiving a 3-year Russell E. Train Fellowship from the World Wildlife Fund.  His work in Honduras will help to understand connections between watershed processes, land and water management and health of the Mesoamerican Reef.

7/2014 – Congratulations to Susan Gale for successfully defending her Master’s Thesis on links between watershed characteristics, hydrological regimes and in-stream ecological conditions!

6/2014 – New invited commentary in Ecohydrology on ecohydrological flow networks.

5/2014 – Congratulations to Dale Prihoda for receiving his BS degree in Environmental Technology and Management!

4/2014 – New Paper in Physical Geography on the spatial organization of land use in the Little Tennessee watershed by Josh Rice.

2/2014 – Congratulations to Nitin Singh for receiving a Global Change Fellowship from the Southeast Climate Science Center for the upcoming academic year.

8/2013 – Congratulations to Cormac O’Doherty for successfully defending his Master’s Thesis on soil CO2 respiration in wetland ecosystems.

8/2013 – Congratulations to Brittany Anstead for receiving her BS degree and a graduate assistantship from the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment.

7/2013 – Congratulations to Fabian Nippgen for being awarded the 2013 Horton Research Grant by the American Geophysical Union!

4/2013 – Congratulations to Nitin Singh for receiving a Graduate Research Grant from the Geological Society of America!

3/2013 – Congratulations to Josh Rice for successfully defending his Master’s Thesis on land use and runoff generation in the Southern Appalachians!

3/2013 – Ryan presented at the US-Japan Joint Seminar on Catchment Hydrology and Forest Biogeochemistry in March 2013.

1/2013 – Congratulations to John Buckley for successfully defending his Master’s Project on the hydrologic impacts of inter-basin water transfers in the conterminous United States!

11/2012 – Grad students Nitin Singh and Josh Rice and ASU undergrads Chase Batchelor and Catherine Jones present their research at the Geological Society of America’s annual meeting in Charlotte, NC.

10/2012 – Undergraduate student Brittany Anstead presents her work on the spatial distribution of renewable energy on tribal lands at the American Indian Science and Engineering Society’s Annual Conference in Anchorage, AK.

8/2012 – Fulbright Fellow Wilmer Reyes from the National Agricultural University of Honduras joins the lab as a Ph.D. student.

6/2012 – New Paper in Ecohydrology on the ecohydrology of a mountain pine beetle outbreak by recent MSU graduate, Kendra Kaiser.

5/2012 – Congratulations to Nitin Singh, who received a research scholarship from the NC Association of Environmental Professionals to fund his isotope research at Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory!

5/2012 – Ryan is featured on the cover of Winds of Change, the quarterly publication of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society!

4/2012 – Josh Rice has been awarded a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to fund PhD studies at NC State.  Congratulations!  Friends of the Lab Kendra Kaiser and Tim Covino have been awarded NSF fellowships also.

2/2012 – Fabian Nippgen’s WRR Paper Featured in Eos – Transactions AGU 93 (8) p. 87.

2/2012 – New PhD student opening; see advertisement on homepage.

12/2011 – New Paper: Feature Article in Water Resources Research by PhD candidate Fabian Nippgen: “Landscape Structure and Climate Influences on Hydrologic Response.”

10/2011 – The COSMOS program at Univ. Arizona has installed neutron-detecting probes at two of our field sites to measure soil moisture.  See real-time soil moisture data for TCEF here and Coweeta here.

9/2011 – New Paper: Complex terrain and bidirectional responses of soil respiration: Global Change Biology

8/2011 – Congratulations to Kendra Kaiser (MSU) for receiving an Outstanding Student Poster Award from the European Geosciences Union for her research on the ecohydrology of the mountain pine beetle outbreak in Montana!

8/2011 – Congratulations to Secondary Succession Project undergraduates presenting their research in Austin this month at the Ecological Society of America meeting!

7/2011 – New Paper: Carbon fluxes and landscape complexity, Ecosphere (Open Access Journal).

5/2011 – Congratulations to ASU lab members and recent graduates Anna George Hazen and Alex Moody!

4/2011 – NCSU Mountain Ecohydrology Field Course to take place in Montana, August 2011.  Check here for details!

4/2011 – Ryan presents research at the Nebraska Water Center.

1/2011 – Ryan featured in the College of Natural Resources Diversity Newsletter.